Pop Chinese 对老师的谢意,无法用语言来表达

Duì lǎoshī de xiè yì,wú fǎ yòng yǔyán lái biǎodá。

对 老师 的 谢 意,无 法 用 语言 来 表达。

My gratitude to my teachers is beyond words.


선생님께 감사한 마음은 말로 표현 살수 없다.


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3 Responses to Pop Chinese 对老师的谢意,无法用语言来表达

  1. K. Caffee says:

    I have been watching your posts for a while now, but didn’t catch on that you were also including a line of English translations. Is the first line phonetic to English, or is that the actual Latin letter version of the script?

  2. K. Caffee says:

    Ah. Thanks for the explanation. Will have to come over and investigate. I’ve been interested in learning the Oriental languages. Thank you for putting this together. (And, yes, I know there are many, many languages to choose from.)

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